Visit my author page on Allpoetry, and browse the talented poets I recommend there.

Creative GlassArt
Creative GlassArt: photos of the decorative designs I create on glass, perspex or plastic: photo-frames, lampshades, candle-shades, and suncatchers. Also a variety of self-adhesive window stickers (ideal for preventing concussion on closed patio doors!). For enquiries, further information or commissions, please email me

Celtic Nomad Photography
Celtic Nomad's photo gallery on Flickr, including more examples of Gallery Glass art.

Rambles is the place for reviews of Celtic and British albums and concerts, books and movies. They have plenty of other material, too, including traditional and non-traditional sounds from such diverse geographies as the Native Americas, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the African nations, Middle-East, Far East and the rest of the global music scene! If world cultures aren't your thing, check out their comprehensive sections devoted to folk, blues, jazz, bluegrass and country music, speculative fiction, folklore and much, much more! Read my reviews for rambles here.

Scottish Pamphlet Poetry
Visit a pioneering poetry site, marketing pamphlets with a Scottish connection. Find out about the Callum Macdonald Memorial Award and other Poetry events in Scotland.

Why not visit the website of a fellow poet, Henri Ferguson. Henri is also a talented singer, songwriter and musician. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading his poems and listening to music samples from his CDs.

The buttons and fonts used in this site are from celtic-art.net. This site has many more examples of Celtic art.

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